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CARE Chronicle Qtr III - Beers and Dears, Fears and Tears

| September 03, 2020

It’s not unusual for a heartfelt newsletter to rattle around inside my head for a while trying to find it’s voice. The one I wanted to pen for midyear 2020 is my gratitude for being in the financial industry for 50 years and in my present job for 45 years. That’s a long time and it’s been a life and a career I wouldn’t trade with anyone

With your permission, I dedicate this half-century newsletter to my Mom. 

I type through tears knowing how fortunate I was to be your son. You taught me all the right things the first time, even though my learning mechanism seemed to have its own delay switch. Maybe it took longer than it should have, but I finally figured it out. My joy these days is knowing you look down and see that I have become that Gentleman you raised me to be. It’s just Southern California instead of Georgia. I built this life while I was living it. Sorry I went through so many Beers and Dears, Fears and Tears along the way, but you know I enjoyed and still enjoy every minute of the ride. I’ve got this now; thanks for making that possible. I love you, mom.

But times are troubled and moments are muddled. My little half century of work seems insignificant against the issues assembled and the problems present. It’s all so confusing, serious and sad and I’m “Just Me.” Then, I remember, sometimes, “Just Me” is enough. It’s gotten me through 100% of the jams I’ve been in. No reason to stop or doubt now. Don’t just do something, STAND THERE! It’s time to help, it’s time to serve, it’s time to CARE just like it always has been.

We are here for you

I wear my pride in STARCARE and my Team like a child wears new on the first day of school. The last six months have been no exception. We didn’t miss a beat. We didn’t have messages on our phones saying our call volume is high and we’ll get back to you shortly after never. We may have worked from home; we may have Zoomed or Skyped or Called, but we were there and we are very much here. If you need us to, we “Mask Up” and come over. No surprise our business continues to grow because we believe what my mentor, Ross Perot taught me 50 years ago: “You can be there 100 times when people don’t need you and it won’t matter. If you’re not there the ONE time they do, it will.

In every crisis, there is opportunity. This one is no exception. We increased our outreach to make certain we are helping you through. You’ve done a great job as well. You didn’t panic and make foolish decisions. You adapted. You home schooled. You telecommuted. You led your family.  We increased our charitable giving because needs are greater now. We located a grass roots approach to helping kids of color get to a better place. We found new ways to help women move into leadership positions. We helped teens discover the joy of lifting up less fortunate students with the equipment they need to compete in sports at their school. It makes us feel better to try and make the world a little better.

We worry like you do about the “new world” and the endless list of issues that it ushers in, including challenges in education, mental health, economics and so many more. More than we worry, we believe. We believe in you; we believe in us; and we believe in the long-term success of our clients, our markets, and our country. We also believe that “this, too, shall pass.” Thank you for the continuing opportunity to care and serve. We will continue to be there, E there, V there, and Z there.