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Year ends, Year begins

| January 06, 2021

You don’t need to be reminded how challenging and difficult 2020 was. We were there with you and it wasn’t much fun. We don’t like being the messenger of known negatives; we'd rather be the purveyors of positive prophesies that empower.

Every crisis creates leaders and spawns opportunities. I believe you are the leaders seeing and seizing these moments. Maybe you weren’t wearing a flak jacket, but you were wearing a mask and fighting a war. Maybe you weren’t a company commander charging a hill, but you were Colonel CARE attacking a virus, a remote job, and a virtual lesson plan without enough training or time for any of them. 

You were the power spouse to your partner who was fairly certain the world would end without sports on television. You found inventive ways to teach that the “boss at the office” is not a transferable title to your home. Your multitasking made the Pentagon War Room look like a kindergarten coloring exercise. You ROCKED!

You made it happen

Maybe you weren’t a licensed physician, but you certainly were Dr. CARE for those fortunate enough to experience your healing powers. You made so many impossible things better! You weren’t in it for the medals or the promotions. You led with love and you loved your family and your business through. I’m pretty sure that makes you a hero! Thank you for your service. Your country, your business, and your family are all in your debt.

Pause for a moment and breathe

Give yourself credit for what you are doing and what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter that it was your ONLY choice. It doesn’t matter that it nearly klled you. You DID IT! Job well done, General. Tuck that success down deep inside. It’s your auxiliary battery and power booster now. Keep it close. You will need it again.

Unfortunately, the COVID enemy hasn’t surrendered and the war isn’t over. You’re used to that. Care-giving never ends. Being responsible never ends. Loving never ends. COVID is just another chapter in your unfinished novel which has many happy endings to come. Keep reading and living. It’s a large project and you have a big part to play.

You may have noticed during all this madness, STARCARE hasn’t GONE anywhere. And you may have guessed, we’re not GOING anywhere, except with you to your dreams. We’re the bellhops to help with your “financial bags.” That luggage needs resources and confidence to properly clear financial security. We have been doing just that for 45 years. We’ll adjust how those resources are packed based on your destination and travel time. Our partner, Brandon has software scales to help you weigh the progress of your resources to your dreams. We don’t want anything weighing down your success. Just a call or click away. We appreciate your confidence in us and will never be unworthy of it. What matters most is your belief in you and your dreams. We already do. Then, it’s Bon Voyage!

Thank you for letting us continue to be a piece of your puzzle.  Let’s roll!