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Making the world a better place

I set up the foundation right after 9/11 because I felt powerless and wanted to do something/anything to try and help make the world a better place. My first 10 years in California had been my best years ever and I wanted to give back. Women had always been the majority of my clients and at that time, the focus of the practice was beginning to become Special Needs. It seemed logical that our Foundation should support causes that resonated with women and individuals with special needs. For most of my life, luck has been my friend. I had believed that "Luck favors the hard working" and tried to be a hard worker. Early on, my foundation taught me that "Luck also favors those who CARE hard." It's remarkably true. God does drive an unmarked car. The more you give for others, the more you get in return. 

C. Richard Hearn

Recognizing Philanthropy

The foundation has become a centerpiece of our STARCARE’s "Power of Women" event, which welcomes more than 100 women each year. Our “Philanthropist of the Year” recipients are recognized for the impact their giving has on the community. All of us are inspired when we sit in that room and feel the goodness and generosity that is resident in so many women. We all leave feeling we can do more and we do.

Foundation Opportunities

There are many reasons people choose to set up a foundation. You may want to honor the memory of a loved one; take advantage of certain tax advantages; support a special interest or need; or all of the above. The process of transforming an idea into an operating organization, though, takes time, planning and knowledge of state and federal regulations, as well as best practices.

It would be our privilege to have a conversation with you about charitable giving.